We brew because we enjoy it. The best thing there is: creating taste without making concessions. Superfresh IPAs, popping stouts, creamy tripels – our beers are modern, full of flavor and challenging. Always top quality, because we don't do it for anything less. We want to let as many people as possible enjoy this, be cause our beer is brewed for drinking.


This year we brew the seven beers of our core range, including the Playground Non Alcoholic IPA. In addition, we brew a special every other month, complemented by collaborations and Barrel Aged beers from our fast growing barrel room.


All machines, tanks and the bottling line are delivered at the beginning of March and within five weeks the brewery is up and running! This year we are growing hard, both in volume of beer and number of employees. We are also launching the Playground NonAlcoholic IPA - a great success.


In 2016 Sander & Ronald start working full-time in the brewery to be able to keep up with the growth and to start planning the construction of their own brewery – an ambition since day 1 of vandeStreek bier. In the summer the brewhouse and fermentation tanks are ordered completely according to own design. The Playground series is being launched – a series to show that the brewery is our playground! In addition, our first full-time employee is also a fact.


Right from the start of vandeStreek bier things start going fast. In May 2013, we launch our first beers at the Utrechtse Bierbrouwersfestival – Broeders, Dark Roast and Festival Saison. That same year we launch the Hop Art series. In 2015, we add two beers to our core line-up: Hop Art IPA and Koper.


In 2010 Sander & Ronald start brewing at home. First in Sanders flat in Kanaleneiland and later in his house in Lombok. During the first three years the capacity of 20 liters per batch is increased to 50 liters per batch. The first hundred batches are brewed without commercial ambitions and lay the foundation for the knowledge of raw materials and recipe building.