vandeStreek bier launches IPA for the aware consumer

28 April 2020

VandeStreek bier launches the first Dutch low-calorie IPA. Skinny Dippin’, a 4% abv IPA, contains 99 calories per can.

With Skinny Dippin’ vandeStreek bier reacts to the big demand for alternatives for the aware consumer. “This beer is first and foremost a very tasty IPA, because of the 99 calories per can it is a very suitable beer for the aware consumer”, says Ronald van de Streek from vandeStreek bier, “with Skinny Dippin’ we want to offer a choice on the beershelf in the store for people who are conscious about their lifestyle, but still want to enjoy a nice beer.”

A low-cal beer isn’t the first innovation that vandeStreek bier introduces for beerlovers who think a healthy lifestule is important. The brewery already has three non alcoholic beers on the market, started with the award winning Playground Non Alcoholic IPA. Ronald: “With our non alcoholic beers, we want to pack as much flavour as possible with as little alcohol as possible. For Skinny Dippin’ we saw a challenge to pack as much flavour as possible with as few calories as possible.”

Special hop treatment

Focussing on less calories, has some consequences for the brewing proces, says Sander van de Streek. “The biggest challenge was to get a beer with a full mouthfeel, but brew it with less malt, less residual sugars and merely 4% abv. We used special hop treatments to achieve this goal.”

Skinny Dippin’ has almost 30% less calories than Hop Art, the 5% abv core range IPA from vandeStreek. “Hop Art contains 138 calories per 33cl, Skinny Dippin’ only has 99”, says Sander. The difference with a regular IPA or tripel are even bigger, beers brewed in these styles contains 200 calories or more per bottle or can. Sander: “Taste is always our number 1 priority when we’re brewing a new beer. We brewed Skinny Dippin’ with three kinds of American hops which gave this beer great tropical flavours.”

Skinny Dippin’ is available in our webshop and the good Dutch beer and liquorstores.